Question by  amiv (249)

How do I put pictures on my ipod?

I would like to add pictures to my ipod so I can share them with family and friends.


Answer by  zenithzenish (98)

To put pictures on your ipod just insert the memory card into the card reader and copy it into your computer now transfer it to ipod through USB.


Answer by  imkboiscrie113 (252)

To add pictures to your ipod you have to have itunes. When you hook your ipod up to your computer you launch itunes and go to your photo section of your ipod. From your photo section you select the folder you want to synch with your ipod and then you synch it and they are on there.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The Itunes software should have some type of file transfer software to add picture to your Ipod. If not look online for third-party software that will do what you need.


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

You must download the latest version of iTunes. Once you do that, there should be an application for it. Once you download the application, it should guide you through how to add pictured onto your ipod from your computer.

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