Question by  SweetK (10)

How can I make pictures with computer symbols?

Everyone does it and I want to also.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You simply need an ASCII picture converter. These are software programs, most of which are free, or at least have a trial version. Search Google for Picture to ASCII converter and download one from popular sites like softpedia or brothersoft. They tend to have free versions as well as paid ones. That should do it for you.


Answer by  Xisco21 (110)

ASCII art generators exist as small freeware software downloads or as online tools. You simply need to provide a source image and the art generator will transform it into a picture made from ASCII characters (computer symbols). If you perform a search for 'ACSII art' you will find these tools, and Google has a special logo for this search term.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

Actually, it is very easy, as long as you have the right computer program. And you don't need at all any drawing skills. If you do a search on "ASCII programs" or "making ASCII pictures" you'll find a few free programs. Just a tip: the bigger your image, the better are your ASCII pictures. Have fun!


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

There are online programs available, but many are just made in documents with painstaking time. Open up a document and just be creative, there's no reason to be afraid of it. Once you figure out the sort of symbol you want, type away!


Answer by  Samothrace (59)

This is called ASCII art, and you can do this by either trial and error with a fixed-width font, meaning a font where the letters are the same width, or using a generator online.

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