Question by  hiroshi (34)

Can I get Picture in Picture with Direct TV?

I am used to it with my current provider.


Answer by  MMan (22)

No; DirectTV does not offer a receiver with Picture in Picture technology. If your television has built in Picture in Picture you will still not be able to enjoy two channels at once because the receiver has one digital tuner. For the sports lover there is an option to view all of the game scores at once with any receiver.


Answer by  beamer (35)

Most direct TV set top boxes have only single channel output, therefore you cannot split the signal into two separate PIP (picture in picture) sources. (can use two boxes though)


Answer by  Ray31 (25)

No you can not get a picture in picture with Direct TV. its is not offer with any of their recievers unlike Dishnet TV. That is on of knocks agaisnt Direct TV.


Answer by  sboynton (15)

I certainly thought it wouldn't be an issue to get PIP with DirectTV, after researching found with an HD TV the only way is to have TWO separate receivers.


Answer by  KRobinson (96)

yes you can provided your satelite reciever is a "Dual Tunner" which is either the dvr or the HD dvr currently, and that you have picture in picture capability with the TV itself.


Answer by  Say (55)

Televisions have multiple inputs. If you feed your Direct TV input into one input port and your DVD into another input port, your PIP may work. Refer to your TV manual.


Answer by  RickGray (18)

Sorry, It is not possible to get Picture in Picture with the satellite providers. They provide a single signal(channel) at a time usually in straight video or HDMI. Where picture in picture picks up an different channel and displays it on the TV.

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