Question by  Susyan (22)

Where can I senior citizen look for employment?

I need a part time job.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You could apply as a greeter at your local Wal mart or apply for similar jobs at your local department stores. McDonald's restaurants often hire older people as fill ins for regular staff. You could maybe become an after school babysitter. Check your newspaper for a paper route that can be a motor route.


Answer by  justask (132)

Looking for employment as a senior can be hard. Door greeter jobs are a good place to start. Daycare faclities are another good choice. Retail stores are also a good option.Try applyig at community charity stores also. Don't limit yourself to one area of employment.


Answer by  sakume (131)

A senior citizen can look for employment anywhere and will typically have more options than the younger generations due to seniors being able to file for age discrimination.


Answer by  mabt (18)

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