Question by  tronlife (40)

Why do I have a fever every month with my period?

Is that normal? I've never heard of it happening to anyone else.


Answer by  Anonymous

After ovulation I do feel increase in the temperature for 3-4 days. Its not high but you feel your body's raised temperature. Its normal.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is the same for me. And the feve lasts up to a week!


Answer by  sessy1978 (20)

Alot of the time it has to do with ovulation. When you ovulate your temperature tends to rise a bit. Although it shouldn't be too high (say over 100) it can get that high. Most womens ovulation time is usually right before their periods but you could be the exception to the rule.


Answer by  jojogeorge (53)

Having fever every month is not normail compared to others. Reasons for having fever may be due to the reasons such as drinking cold water, change of habits such as bathing time, sleeping time. It can be also due to some allergic problems such as dust or may be bad habits such as smoking etc.


Answer by  st (72)

Temperatures fluctuate and are often higher during your period because hormones are returning to pre-ovulation levels. During ovulation, body temperatures elevate as an aid for conception.


Answer by  maalti (34)

It is normal and usually the temperature of the body rises during ovulation and menstruation and in your case their is more increase in the temperature hence the fever.

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why did i started feeling this only after my wedding?  add a comment
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