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Question by  Sue1954 (6)

Can a chronic sinus infection be caused by fecal bacteria, as a result of living with 3 month sewer backup, continued pain, and fever as well as severe sinus infection?

Landlord denied responsibility for three months, then fixed. I cleaned! Daily fever and weakness; pain in head, teeth and neck. After four months, a tooth became infected. Three antibiotics - erythromycin no effect, bacitracin stopped fever, augmentin stopped pain. But now it's returned and I dread going through it again!


Answer by  malone (4817)

It is unlikely that your sinus infection is due to a sewer backup. Your physician may need to culture to find out why the antibiotics aren't working. Keep in mind that other medications and/or alcohol can impede the effectiveness of antibiotics.


Answer by  MarkSmith (46)

I would suggest that the fecal bacteria did not directly cause a sinus infection; however the effect on you overall body has most likely left you open to infection. In short your bodies defenses have been worn down - most likely by the bacteria and by the stress caused by your the situation you are living in.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I hope you have this clearly documented. You may well have any number of conditions caused by any number of infections. Consult a doctor versed in disease caused by filth.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Yes, most definitely. It sounds like you are in a heavily contaminated area. After three months of saturation, there isn't much cleaning will do.


Answer by  Sue1954 (6)

Thank you for your answers. I have no other explanation, though, whether sewage or mold from the basement. Never sick prior, daily work w/ refugees from worldwide and never sick, then moved into house and never healthy since. Will keep plugging to figure out. Thanks.


Answer by  pefree123 (75)

Unless you came into physical contact with the sewer water, I doubt that is what is causing your chronic sinus infection.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dude, the flooding [fecal etc] probably cause mold and you were sensitised to it or could even have a mold infection in your sinus,s/ ck mayo clinics findings on mold in the sinus's

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