Question by  farooq (6)

What can be done to help a nine month old baby that has a bad cough?

My nine month old has a croupy cough, can you provide me with common remedies.


Answer by  Jojoblue (468)

Get a humidifier at home. Buy a nebulizer and saline solution and let your baby inhale the mist twice a day. It worked for my 3 month old.


Answer by  Nicole24 (50)

A humidifier with Vicks solution made for humidifiers at night time would be helpful. During the day, take him or her into the bathroom and run the shower as hot as possible, and let the baby breathe the warm air; this will help break up some of the mucous.


Answer by  Avria (187)

One of the simplest remedies is steam inhalation. You can do this by running hot water in the bathroom and closing the door. Once the steam fills, close the tap and sit in the bathroom with your baby for at least 5-10minutes twice a day. Let the child breath in and out. This will help clear the chest.

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