Question by  Kurt (4579)

What should a man wear to dinner on a date?

It's a first date.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

I wouldn't go over-board with it. But in the same stroke I wouldn't dress too relaxed. Just wear casual dressed up clothes. Don't wear a suit, or shorts. Just wear some nice jeans (not ripped or torn) or khaki's and a nice button up dress shirt or a nice polo.


Answer by  LJR (121)

This rather depends on where you are going, but generally avoid jeans and sneakers if possible. Making an effort for a woman on a first date is essential. Bathing and putting on some cologne shows that you care what she thinks, which in turn has a positive response from her.


Answer by  pseudopsychologist (257)

It depends on where you are having dinner. For a fancy restaurant I suggest wearing a crisp polo with jeans/slacks. If you are going somewhere more casual then I suggest wearing something you are most comfortable in that is presentable. If you dress nicely, but uncomfortably, you'll feel self-conscious the entire date and it could ruin your chances. Good luck!

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