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Question by  slevesquemuthotmailcom (27)

Is it bad to have a two year age difference when you are dating?

I am two years older than the man I am dating. Should I be concerned?


Answer by  BlindMag (161)

A two year age difference between yourself and a partner is not very much at all! If you are in your teens it may seem like a big difference but once you get into you twenties an older no one will think anything of it. My husband and I are two years apart!


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't believe it is. People get married at far greater age gaps than that and are perfectally happy. I believe if it is God's will, then it is God's will and no man can question the Will of God

Reply by tc25dreamer (180):
Your correct.  add a comment

Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

When you are very young, in your teens, a two year age difference can seem large. Experience and maturity levels can be very different, and this can cause problems in a relationship. As you get older though, the gap shrinks and becomes less of a problem.


Answer by  rexguy84 (29)

when your young it seems like a lot but as you get into your twenties it won't be a big deal at all, unless he's under 18, and your over 18 then yes


Answer by  tc25dreamer (180)

Nope! It's perfect actually. My parents are 4 years apart.


Answer by  cjmybaby (13)

no its not honey its just two years


Answer by  Anonymous

If he's under 18, you bet.

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