Question by  answerer (24)

Can you have a successful relationship when you are dating a married man?

I am involved with a married man and would like to know my chances.


Answer by  Anonymous

well he will never leave his wife for you. you are just an adventure for him


Answer by  runnerbeans (374)

Be honest with yourself: Are you both in agreement regarding whether you like each other as people, or is it simply for sexual gratification? Developing a relationship requires sharing time together, and he isn't free to devote as much time and effort to you as you are to him because he already has a relationship--with his wife.


Answer by  Andersen (628)

Yes. Not only is such a relationship exciting, you also have amazing power over him since you can expose his infidelity at any time. You can make him do whatever you want.


Answer by  Shreyansh (236)

The probability of having a successful relationship when you are dating a married man is very low because that man is already in a relation & he is quite happy with it,since he is still carrying on with that relationship. The only intentions behind extra the relationship is to have fun & then say that he is already in a relationship.


Answer by  bob69 (82)

Depending on circumstances, there is certainly a chance you could have a successful relationship, however it is also likely that when dating a married man, you will always come second to his wife and potential children. Consider whether the man realistically will ever be leaving his wife to determine how successful the relationship may be.


Answer by  Snulx37 (10)

Sorry, but NO. I was married and had an affair. I wasn't happy with my wife, but at the end, being with my kids was a top priority. I am now divorce and fight for child custody. The other person is not in the picture! Is bad luck!


Answer by  Anonymous

No. Who in their right mind would pursue an adulterer?

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