Question by  MikeL94 (8)

What is wrong with an "older woman/younger man" relationship?

No one has a problem with a younger woman who dates an older man.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

I think , given the already superior emotional maturity of women compared to men, it may be seen as exploitive. Apparantly that's only alright for guys too! Perhaps it is also the mothering comparison that people find confronting.


Answer by  TheJBell (20)

Statistically, men mature emotionally slower than women do. I think that the most common age difference for married couples is three years apart with the man older than the woman. This of course requires some context, though; a relationship where the woman is older, but both are above 30 years old I think would be fine.


Answer by  jedi (12)

The "problem" with a "older woman/younger man" relationship is that Western society will look upon the woman as a "cougar," meaning she is only using the younger man as a casual or purely sexual relationship. However, younger woman dating an older man could mean the woman is a gold-digger.

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