Question by  Cathy0012 (24)

What needs to be on a potty training chart?

I am trying to create a potty training chart for my toddler.


Answer by  Cathy42 (55)

A potty training chart is appropriate for most toddlers. It's the rare toddler who just spontaneously uses the potty on his/her own and has no accidents. Potty training charts can help toddlers to feel successful and give them motivation to use the potty.


Answer by  XRO (46)

A potty training chart should have a clear attainable goal about which the child is excited. It should also include a way to measure progress.


Answer by  Janet7163 (26)

Undressing by themselves, peeing, pooping, and washing up with the days of the week on a calender, with room for stickers in something the child is interested in


Answer by  Sett (1838)

You can have the a grid with the days of the week in different sections starting with Saturday and ending with Sunday. The child can get a star next to the date if they 1. Take down their own pants, 2. Sit on the potty all by themselves, 3. Go potty and flush the toilet, and 4. wash their hands.


Answer by  jsn2006 (10)

The top three things you should have are; using the potty(obviously), wiping(equally important), and last but not least, hand washing.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If you're trying to do it for rewards you can basically just have a piece of paper or poster board on your fridge that says, "Potty Chart" as a heading and then leave a large blank space at the bottom to put stickers for good behaviors.

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