Question by  Balagopal (20)

What are the best training pants for beginning potty training?

I will soon be moving my twins from diapers to training paints, I was told that it is better to use underpants as they will know when they are wet.


Answer by  jossf3d (258)

Underpants may let them know when they are wet but will drive you crazy. Pullups are much easier since they will keep the clothes dry and still get the message across to your twins.


Answer by  wanda (58)

There is a type of "pull-up" paper diaper that has an agent that cools upon contact with urine so the wearer feels the coolness and knows when they are wet.


Answer by  Kattie (598)

It depends on the child. Some children will take well to disposable Training Pants like Pull Ups. Others will not attempt to go to the bathroom with them because they fell like diapers. Start off in Pull Ups and switch to underpants if they show little progress.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

When my sister potty trained my niece she bought these thick underpants. They felt like real underwear and they were thick enough to hold accidents.

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