Question by  Nathaniel (11)

What kind of careers could I pursue with a Master's in Mass Communications?

My school doesn't offer any degrees in broadcast journalism.


Answer by  JPTurkleton (67)

A master's in Mass communications could definitely translate into a career in journalism or advertising and public relations. Look for schools that have been accredited by theAccrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. This will help you find acceptance of your degree and ensure you are connected with other programs in recognized institutions.


Answer by  Quicksilver666 (15)

Communication studies is a broad discipline that opens the doors to a variety of careers which may include policy, journalism, radio broadcasting, advertising, and public relations. However, when completing a graduate degree, it is better to focus on what will learn not on future job prospects.


Answer by  SarahBrowne (43)

A masters in mass communications could lead to a career in broadcast or print journalism. Additionally, you could apply it to the field of marketing communications.


Answer by  keke (335)

some type of careers you could pursue with a masters in mass communications is things like talking infront of people. Doing speeches atc. All the thing people need that has to do with communications. Also you should know considering that you have the masters so you should have learned just stating facts.

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