Question by  enexel21 (51)

How can I improve my written communication skills?

I think it will help me get a better job.


Answer by  goldghoti (37)

You could practice writing every day in a journal or keep a notebook where you describe events or things. Looking at others' writing and critquing it will also help you.


Answer by  martine (860)

A great way to improve upon your written communication skills is to take a class at your local community college. I recommend not taking one online, but taking one with an actual teacher that is available to help and answer your questions. Maybe look for one geared towards business environments.


Answer by  TOANHPHM (27)

You can write about how you've done a really job helping others in your community. Try your best and show them your skills.


Answer by  snappies (579)

You should take an English or writing class at your community college. English 101 teaches the basic in writing structure. You might learn a lot from just one class.

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