Question by  gomez (16)

What job earns the highest salary?

I am just curious. People get paid ridiculous amounts of money for their jobs.


Answer by  erikmama (19)

I I think that surgeons are some of the highest paid professions in the world. They make an average of $209,000 per year! Most medical professions make a good amount of money. CEO's of most any company also make ridiculous amounts of money. For example, the CEO of our local electric company makes nearly $150,000 a year!


Answer by  dionski (24)

Professional athletes like in the NBA or major league baseball have the highest salary. The compensation is proportional to talent and skill which usually includes bargaining power.


Answer by  rose888 (21)

Surgeons, CEO's, Dentists, Anesthesiologists, Orthodontists, Physicians are highly paid . The highly paid jobs are medical and dental, business and technology management, airline and space, law and engineering.


Answer by  Youngmom (233)

I believe it is all relative. Celebrities make millions of dollars a day, but go years without working. CEO'S make millions of dollars a year...

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