Question by  Chaseman245 (16)

What is the average hvac technician salary?

I need a new job, and this may be one of my prospects.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Someone fresh out of school can expect to earn a little less than 30K per year. With experience, you can currently expect to top out at about 66K. Median salary for HVAC techs is anywhere from 35K to 44K, depending on your employer. Self-employed HVAC techs typically have the highest salaries, but also carry more risk.


Answer by  karlim (158)

According to payscalecom, a average hvacc technician salary $29479 - $41748 gross annual income for a less than one year working experience, and up to $61402 for more than 20 years of experiences.


Answer by  matt1930 (84)

The annual average hvac technician salary is 41000 USD. Keep in mind that this is just an average so it depends on the working area, your experience and other factors. With a good experience, count 45000 USD.

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