Question by  jeffspracklensbcglobalnet (12)

How can you get house sitting jobs?

I am trying to earn extra money, and this is something I could handle taking on.


Answer by  pollyanna (13)

Have business cards ready to hand out to acquaintances who will help spread the word for you and post professional-looking fliers in your community. Make contact with friends of the family, neighbors, people you've babysat for, etc, and tell them about your business venture. Positive publicity will get your business going. Have references available as well.


Answer by  Laura89 (157)

Typically you house sit for people you already know and who already trust you. Mention it casually to friends and let them know that you are available for that sort of thing, as well as being available to their friends. Word of mouth is best.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You can run an ad in your local newspaper or advertise on the advertisement boards in stores. Sometimes word of mouth can get you a job.


Answer by  belle39 (966)

One good way to do this is by talking with friends and relatives who know homeowners that are seeking house sitters for them. Also look at your local classified ads.

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