Question by  ami (20)

What is the smallest insect in the world?

I need to know the smallest insect in the world.


Answer by  Janesauricic (107)

Scientists say it is the fairyfly, a tiny wasp found in Costa Rica, called Dicopomorpha echmepterygis. It is smaller than some single-celled animals. It lives by laying its eggs in the eggs of other insects. It is less than 0. 14 millimeters in length.


Answer by  larrystate (129)

The world's smallest insect is the Fairyfly. It is a tiny wasp. Fairyflies range from .2 to 4 mm in length and the largest have a wingspan of 3 mm. Alaptus magnanimus is the smallest of the discovered fairyflies.


Answer by  Lobotomy3yes (23)

The Fairyfly is the smallest insect known to man. These smalls wasp have a length of. 2 to 4mm. They are very difficult to observe due to their size. The largest of Faryflies may have a wingspan of up to 3mm.


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

The Megaphragma caribea (fairyfly) is the smallest insect in the world. It's actually a wasp that has been found to be as small as 0.10mm.

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