Question by  raquel (25)

What are the small flying insects in my house?

I have an infestation of small flying insects.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

You probably just have some fruit flys. The come into the house on your fruit, bananas often times as an egg. Wash your fruit when you bring them home.


Answer by  proudmama (9)

One of the most common small flying insects found in your home are 'Fruit Flies'. They are attracted to fruits and other sweet foods or liquids, especially if these foods are beginning to spoil. Proper food disposal and general cleanliness will keep these insects at bay.


Answer by  Jonie (117)

More description would be helpful. What do they like to feed on? Where are you finding them? Could be nats or fruit fly's or even common household fly's. Are they moth like?

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