Question by  PaulaWard (15)

What are these very small insects on my window sills?


Answer by  SVai456 (46)

If they are gray in color they are usually what is called Book Lice and are harmless, another possibility is that they are Spider Mites. Make sure your window is well sealed and doesn't have any mildew, also do not crush the bugs as it may leave a stain.


Answer by  Kris (797)

They could be clover mites, an outdoor bug that sometimes enters through windowsills on the sunny side of the house. They live on your lawn, but will come in if they can get in. Keep about eighteen inches of cultivated bare soil around your house to discourage them from entering.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

When window sills are not cleaned properly these insects will appear.They eat the dirts in the frame work and we can't catch them as they fly like a jet from a place.They create a foul smell if they stay for a longer time.Clean them with cleansers.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

They could be termites. They usually hang out on your window sill because of the moisture from the windows. If they leave a bunch of little wings on the window sill then you really know that their termites.

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