Question by  Kyla (19)

What is a small green insect that bites?

I found a small green biting insect.


Answer by  Rachel27 (27)

Mosquitos can be green in color. They can bite you through your clothes and leave a swelling mark just like a regular mosquito.


Answer by  facemuscles (19)

The only thing I can think of is Lice. I don't think you found a tick and fleas are normally black or brown. It could also be some kind of mite. You might try looking in a guide book specifically for your state.


Answer by  Micah (36)

Sounds like a variety of assassin bug, if the bug was under an inch long and the bite was painful. Sometimes a blood blister will develop from assassin bug bites. They typically bite in self-defense (such as if they get into your clothes or bedding and feel trapped. )

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