Question by  cdolezal (37)

What is the name of birds with crests?

I see them every once on a while.


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

If it has a red crest, the birds you see might be crested woodpeckers. There is a large woodpecker, named the Pileated Woodpecker, that lives in Canada and Northeast America; it has a black body with white lines on the neck.


Answer by  jack36 (71)

The name of this bird is the Regulidae. This is mostly found in the northern hemisphere. They are found in coniferous forest and they have a crown pattern with eye string. There are six of this bird species found. One species is found in India is called Regulus. In India they found in Himalayas of India.


Answer by  ALR27 (36)

There are several different types of birds with crests, and even different types of crests. A flesh like crest is technically called a cockscomb, such as what appears on a rooster or hen. Cockatoos have feather crests, as do Blue Jays, to name just a few species with crests.


Answer by  Empress (122)

Lots of birds have crests. If you're in the midwest it could be something as common as a bluejay or cardinal. If you're looking in more exotic locations, cockatiels have crests, cockatoos, Atlantic puffins, and many many more. Your location and the color/size of the bird would be helpful in identification.


Answer by  Laurie89 (82)

There are several different types of birds that have crests. The cockatoo and the cockatiel are two common birds with crests that are common household pets. Crests can be fixed or can be raised at will by the bird, commonly when excited or as a way to frighten away other species that have envaded thier space.


Answer by  bird123 (14)

There are many types of birds with crests. If you saw the bird wild in North America it could be a cedar waxwing or a cardinal. If it was a parrot-like bird it might have been a cockatoo or cockatiel.

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