Question by  bb (674)

How do solar bird baths work?

I am interested in learning more about birds and bird calls.


Answer by  Serona (35)

There is a solar panel somewhere on the bird bath that powers a fountain pump and/or a heater. Attaching things like a riser or a spray fountain head makes a full fountain or leave it off to make the water gently bubble. Usually the panel will be found in the center and the water reservoir is underneath.


Answer by  answergirl93 (66)

Solar bird baths have small solar panels which allow energy from the sun to be captured to provide energy for the fountain's pump.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

Yes they work great and it will bring many birds to your yard. You need to change the water every other day to keep it fresh, and if it rains change it that day as well.


Answer by  chet13 (332)

They work by collecting energy from the sun's rays and using that to heat a coil that is submerged in water. this keeps the water above the freezing point so birds can use it during winter months. This will serve as an oasis and attract several birds due to the scarcity of unfrozen water.

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