Question by  largetuna (118)

What is the history of pumpkin pie?

I love pumpkin pie!


Answer by  brrmrr (25)

Pumpkin pie was first invented by the early American settlers by baking hollowed pie filled with milk and spices. The invention of pie crust is, then, very modern! The first recipe for pumpkin pie was by Francois Pierre la Varenne in a cookbook from 1651.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Pumpkin pie has been made since the early 19th century. They used to make it for every dinner occasion. Pumpkin was very cheap at the time and they started to make it.


Answer by  srinee (94)

The pumpkin is native to North America. It was an early export to France; from there it was introduced to England, and the flesh of the 'pompion' was quickly accepted as pie filler. The Pilgrims brought the pumpkin pie back to England, but it subsequently died out in England itself.

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