Question by  gman9976 (248)

How do you care for a pumpkin plant?

I have several pumpkin plants in my yard and would like them to survive.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

A pumpkin is a member of the squash family. The pumpkin plant likes to be moist and grow during warm evening sun. Keep the vines straight and avoid overcrowing. If the vines get secondary shoots, prune them.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

Handle the fruit as little as possible. Make sure they have plenty of plant food, fertilizer and water. That way they grow nice and big. After they have grown to the size you want and are orange or yellow then you can pick them.


Answer by  jenjen90 (240)

First of all, pumpkins grow on vines, so you need take really good care of them. When, I was little, I started to grow a pumpkin patch, and my dad mowed over it. You need to water them every day, about 1 cup. Let them grow in a sunny area, and as i said, never mow over them. You're welcome.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Pumpkin plants need plenty of sun. They also need regular and generous watering, as they are very thirsty plants. Proper pruning is good for pumpkins, they withstand pruning well and if done correctly it really helps the plants thrive. Once fruits appear, pinch the vines off to limit growth. Handle the fruit as little as possible.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

Use fertilizer to plant the pumpkin plants and then add some compost every week. The compost should consist of oranges and bananas as well as other vegetables. This will help the plant grow and maintain its color and outer shell. Please spray the plant regularly with water as this will help.


Answer by  saturno (325)

The cares for this type of plants are very simple, you need to have well-taken care of which the fruit does not touch the ground so that it does not rot and the guides of the plant can be maintained to a tutorial

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