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Question by  wrigley (21)

What is the cost to replace the compressor on a Chevy pickup?


Answer by  neielg (311)

As i canvass on the other Chevy Dealerships outlet, the cost ranges of about $600. 00 to $800. 00, there you have removal and disposal of refrigerant, cost of compressor being replaced, refrigerant filter driers cost,cost of entire new refrigerant charge,workforce, and labor. Additional charges may vary depending on size of compressor and the required drier changes.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

A typical compressor can cost anywhere from the range of 500 - 1500 dollars depending on the year of the truck. I general, older cars usually cost more to replace parts on as they are in low supply.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Depending on the year it can range upwards of 350.00. Your best bet is to get a used one from a salvage yard. The compressor has a fairly long life span and will cost less than 50.oo from salvage.


Answer by  ronaldexodus48 (7)

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Answer by  jkjk19 (134)

What year make and model are you referring to? Also what compressor? Are you talking about an a/c Compressor. You need to be more speciffic because pending what year you are talking about will help your cause much more. Give some more details and you can get a better result.

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