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Question by  saravanan (91)

What is the correct usage of the French "en"?

I am having trouble with my French.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hard to define, because French has a limited Ablative tense (by, with, from), You learn a lot from instances - en vacances = on holiday, for example. French derives from Celtic tongues. Il y a un chien á moi - my dog is with me,.perfect sense in Gaelic.


Answer by  Jen61 (15)

The French word "en" is used the same way as the English "in" when not referring to physical placement. Ex. Correct: "J'adore faire du ski en hiver. - I love to ski in winter". Incorrect: "Je suis en la chambre. - I am in the room".


Answer by  andana (8)

"En" can be used with different meanings in different contexts. Equivalent of 'of it/them', 'its'is as a kind of possessive, especially with nouns like 'shape', 'color'. It is generally possible to use a normal possessive (son, sa, ses, leur(s)) instead. Common use of "en" is also with a number or quantity, equivalent of 'some' or 'any'.


Answer by  smileram (22)

Equivalent of 'of it/them', 'its' As in the example above, a common use of en is as a kind of possessive, especially with nouns like 'shape', 'colour'. ok that all


Answer by  Mary (2095)

En is used to replace an article. In English you would say when referring to something like an apple, I want one. In French you would say J'en a envie. It is used similarly to "y" for a location.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

There are many ways to use the word "en" in french. It is a preposition, usually equivalent to "in" or "on". But it doesn't translate directly into a single English word.

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