Question by  bmr0080 (37)

What is the connection between habit and moral character?

I need to understand the connection between habit and moral character.


Answer by  triangular (148)

"We are what we do. " If I firmly believe that it's important to speak mindfully and be neat and orderly, but I gossip and belittle all the time and my house is a mess, then these are my ideals, rather than my actual character right now.


Answer by  ksamani (14)

Many habits are biologically brain-based and require substantial time and effort to change. They can also be physical, such as smoking and biting your nails. Whereas, moral character easier to change and more "mental" than a habit.


Answer by  celliott6666 (1)

The connection between habit and moral character, is not taking the time to understand that one's habit will lead to something bigger, and might actually hurt someone, but in turn cause pain to one's self unexpectedly, toward sincere change. Even if they must take a loss.

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