Question by  NathanBuria (11)

What is the best program to use to put text on the side of a picture?

I need to know what my options are for software that will allow me to put text on a picture.


Answer by  WilliamHeinrich (21)

If you're okay with a simple program, Paint would be an appropriate application. If you seek something a bit more complex, Photoshop would be a good idea, but expensive. Other possibilities are , and GIMP.


Answer by  Aultero (80)

I use the Irfan View for this purpose. It is free image manipulation software that is rich of features and could process image batches (for example, you could put a text on several thousands of pictures in a few clicks). Also, there are a lot of watermarking pictures, but usually they are expensive and not easy to use


Answer by  tsree (18)

I prefer Picasa to put text on picture. This program allows you to edit picture also. Picasa is developed by Google Inc. and it is a light weight program to download and install. The main attraction is Picasa is free to download and use.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

The favorite one for me is Microsoft Paint as i have been using it for years and it is quite easy to use it. You can find many other free softwares which will allow you to add text to the picture. You can take Picasa as an example. My first choice still is MS Paint.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

There are a lot of free graphic editor like Gimp that can do this however the most useful one for other things to would be Adobe Photoshop.


Answer by  worker9486 (12)

Adobe Photoshop can be used to put text on a picture. This can be done by opening the picture in Photoshop and opening a new layer to place the text. Select the "horizontal type tool" and type what you want to write. The position can be changed by using the move tool. Flatten the image and save as a jpeg.


Answer by  Jacob47 (295)

With Microsoft Word you can make it. You only need to modify the image option (right click on the image). In this way you can put your text beside the picture.


Answer by  randall6 (242)

I have found the easiest way to insert text in a graphic item is to use the Paint program that comes with windows.


Answer by  ramizq1 (185)

You could use very simple and Windows built-in programs like Paint or get a graphic designing software like GIMP (free) or Adobe Photoshop.

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