Question by  Annie59 (101)

How do you paint a motorcycle frame?

I bought an old motorcycle, and would like to restore it. I need to know how to paint the frame, step by step.


Answer by  Karatta (46)

First, take apart the motorcycle. Find a friend, and try www. cyclepedia. com, or get a mechanics manual to dismantle the entire bike, SAFELY! Once you isolate the frame, sand the frame down completely, paint, clearcoat, and re-sand in that order, six to nine times. Should take about 3 to 4 days.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Basically all you need to do is strip the whole frame down, clean it thoroughly, scuff it up, and put a coat of paint on it. Make sure you use a frame specific pain for the best durability.


Answer by  sduraiganesh (35)

first clean by using emery sheet then coat with normal brown paint and wait until the normal paint get dried then apply your choice of good color paint.


Answer by  Birder80 (181)

1. completely disaaemble frame 2. clean frame with a good degreaser 3. sand blast frame back to bare metal 4. prime frame, take care as priming is as critical as painting, generally you should do at least two coats of primer. 5. Aplly the first coat of paint, lightly sand, then apply 1 to 5 more coats sanding between each.

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