Question by  concerned (8)

What is the best home exercise rope?

I am building a new weight room for my house and would like recommendations on what is the best exercise rope.


Answer by  Derigo (26)

The type of jump rope you choose should be one which is an appropriate length for your height and needs. It should also be weighted appropriately to the kind of activity you'll be doing. Some prefer a lightweight plastic rope, while others appreciate a heavy duty leather jumprope which may be longer lasting.


Answer by  fliptop (126)

I've found that weighted rubber ropes are far from the best ropes available. When they hit your legs they sting like mad. Ropes that rhythmic gymnasts use, which are of fiberous rope material are very effective. They fall within a mid-weight range and can be knotted to adjust the length.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

Get a basic jump rope and look up routines online. Many boxing routines involve jumprope and you can get ideas from that to make u own exercise.


Answer by  nandhu (104)

Jump rope is the best. It is a speedy calorie burner. It is the effective way to burn fat and to increase stamina.


Answer by  thangam (95)

Affordable and transportable is jumping ropes. It's an effective way to burn fat and Increase stamina in a body.

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