Question by  suresh (21)

What are some good barbell exercises?


Answer by  viva (60)

Beginners should use low-weight barbells of just two or three pounds each. This is to get the person used to the exercise and to help prevent injury. After a while, they can graduate to heavier weights. Simple lifts/arm curls are good enough for anyone. They should never go fast or drop the weights; this would hurt them.


Answer by  andretti06 (15)

The best and most basic barbell exercises are, in no particular order, bench presses, standing curls, overhead presses (preferably front), deadlifts, and squats. More advanced exercises would include Olympic style lifts such as clean and jerks, snatches, and power cleans. These Olympic style lifts should not be done if one is not an experienced lifter.


Answer by  T (18)

A few good exercises are: curls; tricep extensions (hold the barbell behind my head with my elbows parallel to my ears and straighten and bend my arms at the elbows), and side lifts (with a barbell in each hand, lift arms straight out to the sides like wings).


Answer by  dsmith42 (371)

A simple barbell by itself can be used for the best overall weight training exercises. The simplest one that can be completed without any other equipment is the deadlift. This lift uses almost every muscle in your body, and it is a great strength exercise.

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