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Question by  Mak (23)

What is the proper way to do strength training for your biceps?


Answer by  gallicanon1 (64)

The proper way to perform strength training for your biceps is to do a small amount of reps with a moderate to heavy amount of weight. So a good workout would be 3 sets of bicep curls with 8 reps in each set increasing the weight everytime by 5 pounds.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

remember the biceps have 3 heads. work them all. change hand posistion on the bar. use both free weights and machines. as soon as you feel you have to raise the number of sets. change your routine. try drop sets. try till exhaustion your reps... be patient


Answer by  123barbo (60)

A workout with a curl bar equipped with the proper amounts of weight and used in ten curls per set, ten sets per day, alternate days for 30 days will considerably strengthen your biceps.


Answer by  rosen (218)

The proper way of strength training would be the pulling exercise, where you can curl your hands towards shoulder repeatedly. It means curling one arm up with your palm facing away from your body by using Dumbbell. We must also keep our stomach i tight position.


Answer by  Rathi (108)

Working back and doing biceps at the same day is a best way to strength train the biceps. Doing chin-ups is also very important. A good diet with complex carbohydrate and proteinshould be included.

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