Question by  Ralph (30)

What is the best guitar amp on the market?

I need a new guitar amp.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

Best you can get for the money is Mesa Boogie or just a nice Marshall. This is what the pros and your favorite bands are all using. Maybe Line 6.


Answer by  dantheman3k (39)

This answer depends on how loud you need to play. If its just for self practice, I recommend a Fender FM25 DSP Frontman Combo; need bigger and I'd recommend a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. If you need to play over a drummer, I'd go for a Marshall stack.


Answer by  alli64 (74)

Peavey makes great guitar amps which will give off a full sound. Other good brands for amps to look into are Fender and Gibson.


Answer by  transfixed1 (8)

It all depends on what YOU like and what your ears like. What I use in my band is an amp by Blackstar. Very dynamic and affordable. An Ht-5 stack is a beautiful thing.


Answer by  Pete88 (72)

Marshall has made the best guitar amplifiers for a long time now. Yamaha and Paevey are also good. It is my opinion that the classic Marshall is the best.


Answer by  Ghost (10)

A Marshall Half Stack is, by far and away, the best bang for your buck. The sound is so clean and dynamic. Also, it is very easy to set up and get started with.

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