Question by  jonnyd (94)

How can you use your computer as a guitar amp?

Is there a program for it?


Answer by  PJ24 (220)

You can use your computer to record a guitar (just plug it into the 'line in' socket on your soundcard or motherboard) but no software will replace the hardware in your amplifier, so you'll still need one if you want to be able to hear your guitar.


Answer by  1234563 (112)

In order to use your computer as a guitar amp you must have an interface, commonly a usb, to plug your guitar into. You'll also need software that allows you to bring sound to your computer's speakers.


Answer by  AyukiHolmes (44)

Even though I don't know much about guitars in general, but there is a plug/switch thing that can record into your computer and partially use as a guitar amp. I don't know any programs in regards to it, but if there is, well... great.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I am not sure but my Imac has a program called Garage band and it lets you connect different instruments through USB connections and play the instrument through the speakers on the computer, this program also has features that teach you how to play the instrument of your choice on the computer.

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