Question by  Thom (29)

What guitar amps does The Edge from U2 use?

I love the way U2's music sounds and would like to get the same amp so I can duplicate it.


Answer by  tom10 (79)

The Edge uses a Vox AC30 from 1964, a '58 Fender Deluxe with a Vox speaker, a '57 Deluxe with a Jensen speaker, a mid-'50s Fender Harvard amp and as backups some early '70s vox amplifiers. Although, most of his sound apparently comes from the '64 Vox AC30. Also, keep in mind that he relies on effects a lot.


Answer by  worker261297 (50)

He uses mostly Vox amps. I've scene him using the vox valvotranix. He also uses Fender amps. He uses the basemans, Blues Juniors. He mostly uses Vox amps when he is on tour.


Answer by  lanadavies (127)

The Edge's unique sound cannot be duplicated by any traditional amplifier, but you can get the sound by putting a microphone to the amp and putting it through another amp.


Answer by  Anonymous

tom10 was mostly correct, however they aren't big on effects, they mainly use the tremolo, that comes standard with the AC30's


Answer by  rxbandit1987 (244)

Most often he uses the Korg-SD-3000 Delay Units and the TC-2290. His amplifiers would seem to be Vox AC-30 amplifiers and are 2.5 feet wide.

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