Question by  moortiz (29)

Is the Crate 50 watt amp a good choice for a bass guitar?

I'm borrowing an amp and want to buy one.


Answer by  zippythehippy (7)

The Crate brand is usually associated with entry-level amplifiers; if you are a tone aficionado you may not be able to get the clarity or control you want, and if you intend to take it on the road it may not be sufficiently durable, but for practice and local gigging it may be a good low-price choice.


Answer by  damionnewcomeryahoocom (134)

That really depends on what your needs are.Crate does make good amps,but if you plan to play live,you might want to find something bigger than a 50 watt.I also assume this Crate 50 watt is a bass amp.If it's not a bass amp dont but it,you'll definetly want a bass amp to play your bass through.


Answer by  bassdude11 (5)

I'd say it's a good start for small bars, venues, and practices. Crates will usually last, and they are known for their bass products.


Answer by  labowski (9)

The crate 50 watt amp is a great choice for a bass guitar because crate is the greatest bass amp company because it is focused towards metalheads who love bass.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

Make sure that it is a Crate 50 watt Bass Amp and not a 50 watt guitar Amp. But overall 50 watts is a great starter point. You will be loud enough to hear yourself practice but not too loud

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