Question by  Chet (17)

What is involved in replacing light grout with darker new grout?


Answer by  workman (32)

replacing grout is pretty tedious. first you must remove all the old grout, do a good job or the finished product will look like crap. you can do this with a paint scrapper (5n1), an old chisel or screwdriver. after that just fill in with new stuff and your done. make sure you vaccum up all the old stuff first.


Answer by  martin (522)

There are two options. One is to dig out the light grout with a scraping tool and replace it with new, darker grout. The other option is to stain the light grout with a special grout stain available at your local home repair or do-it-yourself store.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Use a grout saw to remove the old grout. Wash the tiles with a damp cloth. Apply grout using a tile float in a diagonal pattern. Allow to dry per instructions. Wipe off excess grout using damp sponge until tile is clean.


Answer by  Kate20 (16)

The job is not difficult but it will take a bit of time. Buy a grout saw which is a small hand tool made for removing old grout. You'll literally saw between the tiles to remove the grout without disturbing the tiles. Clean the loose residue off the tiles, then you'll regrout with the color of your choice.

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