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Question by  kipcat (1964)

What is involved in a Nissan Maxima axle replacement?

I need to replace my Nissan Maxima axle.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Jack up the car, take wheel off the brake asembly, steering knuckle,take axel nut off pull axle out. Reverse the disasemble proccudure to replace everything.


Answer by  elained (44)

Jack the car up. Take the front tire off. Take the brake asembly apart, and take the steering knuckle assembly apart. Take the axle nut off, and pull axle out. Reverse procedure to install.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Raise the car, remove the wheels, unhook break lines or bend them out of the way, and finally remove any underneath coverings. Then the axle is ready to be unhooked from the car and the new axle can be hooked up. Follow the manuals and get all the tools.


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

This is going to be a large repair. Your going to need a shop with a lift to be able to take off the old axle and replace the new. Odds are the most cost effective way to do this is with a used axle (can get from a salvage yard.) This is not a job for the DIYer.


Answer by  cuckoosygmailcom (86)

Your Nissan Maxima is composed of various kinds of axles,with each kind having a particular function. The axles are responsible for attaching the wheels together,for bearing the weight of the vehicle,and for the transfer of force to the wheels to make them run. The joints are needed because of their ability to deliver constant force despite the various movements in the wheels


Answer by  oui72 (514)

First, remove the tires. Then, have the brake disc assembly, and, some of the suspension assembly remove before reaching to the axle. This is a front wheel drive car, naturally, it is only the front wheel assembly should be removed. Then there are some locks to be removed too. But it's not necessary to touch the whole transmission assembly.

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