Question by  somerset (801)

What is a JPEG file?

I have a JPEG file on the computer and I am not sure what type of file it is?


Answer by  darkmatter (124)

JPEG stands for 'Joint Photographic Experts Group'. A .jpeg or .jpg file is an image file which contains a compressed version of the original image (usually a raw or bitmap file). The compressed image occupies less disk space whilst sacrificing a small amount of image quality.


Answer by  vishu (31)

It is a method of compression of Image Files. It is one of the common image file format. It's file extension is .jpg and .jpeg


Answer by  Ovidiu (55)

JPEG file is an image format that has certain qualities and properties. The file name comes from the name of the committee that created the standard and it's the acronym of Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is mostly use for photographic pictures compression.


Answer by  AppleAnnie (70)

JPEG is a way of compressing photos so that they take up little space. It is the most commonly used format for pictures.

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