Question by  VibyMinto (13)

How do I shrink a picture file so that it will not take up as much space?

I keep trying to upload a picture, yet I am being told the file size is too large.


Answer by  Bmw (23)

If the file containing picture which is in. gif format will occupy much space. If the picture is in. wmf format the file will not occupy that much of file size. So convert all the pictures to wmf format. Automatically the file size will be reduced


Answer by  slamjam888 (12)

You can try "zipping it", which will create an archive file that is smaller so you may upload it. You do this by right-clicking on the icon (picture), and click "Add to archive". Then choose zip (or rar), and allow it to archive the file. It will make a smaller archive file which you can then upload


Answer by  leelah (92)

Open the file in a graphics program. Paint. net is free. Open your pic, reduce the pixel size and change the resolution to 72 dpi.


Answer by  pinkie (247)

Unless you are well-skilled in suing graphic editors, I suggest you take advantage of free online picture editors. They are very user friendly and allow you to save the file on your computer. You can google for "free pic resize".

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