Question by  caringguy (40)

What is a .sit file on a mac?

I am new to the world of mac's and have several of the .sit files and have no idea what they are.


Answer by  leelah (92)

They are compressed files, made by file compression software (StuffIt). You can 'squash' files to make them smaller making it easier to share them with someone else or for saving disk space. You can take them somewhere and 'unsquash' them. The Windows equivalent are zip files.


Answer by  sathu85 (19)

. SIT - expansion is (StuffIt) IT is common Cross-platform software can compress or decompress this is using to compress and decompress files and folders in MAC. like. Zip in windows.


Answer by  Taz (193)

The. sit files are compressed files a little bit like the. zip or. rar on a PC. To open it, you will need the program "stuffitcompressed achive file". If you have other extention you don't undestand just do a web serch with ". sit extention" you'll have more informations.

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