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Question by  ponderinjack (18)

How can I search for jpeg files?


Answer by  bsatterfield (131)

To search for a jpeg file in Windows XP follow these steps. Click Start > Search > For Files or Folders … A new window will appear, in that window you will see 'What do you want to search for?' Select 'All files and folders', and type in '*.jpeg' and select Search.


Answer by  peter2 (16)

Google has an advanced option to restrict image results to JPEG/JPG image file format: 1) Goto 2) Click "Images" 3) Click "Advanced Image Search" 4) Select "Return only image files formatted as" -> "JPG files" 5) Done


Answer by  ugesh (24)

hi sir/madem in a computer enter the Search box below the word of format *.jpej and specfi the folder or drive name and click the search options the files are avaliable u get the result

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