Question by  anilypsa (8)

What is a good workout routine for beginners?

I have never worked out before but am ready to get started.


Answer by  Jeanne72 (436)

A good workout routine for beginners, in my opinions, is running or biking. Why? Because running is just a step higher than running. Plus, you can always start at a slow speed. Also, biking is great since you just sit there and you can start at a lower gear first. You won't lose your breath and less sweat is produced.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

A push pull workout is great for beginners. It is a three day a week workout routine and comprises chest and triceps one day. The next day the back and biceps are worked.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Start slowly with conditioning the body by increasing your general activity level throughout the day. Walk alot more, take the stairs, perform stretches regularly, a do body weight exercises.


Answer by  joanne2929 (12)

walking, walking every day for 45 min aday it good for beginners.it help us to burn fat and walk after your dinner time it the best you will like it..everybosy can do it.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

A good workout should involve all muscle groups in one week or 1 1/2 weeks and still leave you enough time to rest between workouts.

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