Question by  horse (23)

What is a good pull ups and overhead press workout?

I need a good workout to help my upper arms and shoulders.


Answer by  BlueFish (26)

A good workout for your upper arms and shoulders would include using gym machines such as the free-weight bench, for doing bench presses. Push ups would also be helpful.


Answer by  Derigo (26)

A good workout for the upper arms and shoulders could include declined pushups, which can be done using an exercise ball for extra balance practice, inclined barbell presses, pull ups and overhead presses, incline supinating dumbbell presses, and flys. Pyramids may be a good way to organize your sets.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Doing simple pullups is excellent, along with the lat pulldown machine. For shoulders, dumbells straight over your head, and the shoulder press would be appropriate, along with military press machine.


Answer by  worker43 (34)

The advantage of pull ups and overhead press workout is that you excercise the upper parts and muscles of your body, back muscles, chest and shoulder muscles mostly. Also, can have affect on your stomach muscles as you tense your upper body too.

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