Question by  emdee (17)

What is a good surfer workout?

I am a surfer but don't work out enough.


Answer by  amalcolm7369 (48)

A good workout for a surfer should consist of flexibility training, such as free weights and stretching, cardio--treadmill training in short increments is optimal. Plyometrics seems also to be a viable form of exercise. This consists of jumping motions on a flat mat, with the idea of trying to keep one's balance and to stretch the leg muscles.


Answer by  Animal (61)

I suggest a body weight training circuit. Pushup, hindu squat, pullups, 1 set for exercise for 10 reps (not at exhaustion). then relax while stretching for 2 minutes, and repeat.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Well surfers can get benefit from any kind of ab exercises. I'd do the P90X those are really good workouts for all types of swimmers and surfers. They really focus your ab and leg muscles.


Answer by  notionless (6)

Assuming you don't like workout regimens; try simple things in home. For example; balance on one foot while you watch TV or practice your popup 20x in row. This will barely qualify as a "work out" but directly relate to improving your surfing.


Answer by  Joe3737 (89)

Try crossfit. It's a fast paced workout that is designed for cardiovascular endurance as well as functional and core strength.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

Surfing is all about balance and core muscle strength. You should be doing a lot of sit ups as well as getting your legs stronger with squats.

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