Question by  steffiegirl815 (14)

What is a good job description for a tattoo artist?

I don't think I know everything a tattoo artist does or is responsible for at work.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Tattoo artists have numerous job responsibilities and the actual job of applying tattoos is relatively small in comparison. Tattoo artists are responsible for keeping their store and station both clean and hygienic, insuring no contamination is possible. They must run an autoclave and other equipment properly to protect customers. They have to help run the business usually as well.


Answer by  nits28 (23)

A good tattoo artist should be someone who listens to their clients. The main aim of a tattoo artist is to create and enhance tattoos as a body art. The only way they could make sure that it is perfect is by listening to what their clients want then move on from there. Only then a tattoo will be perfect.


Answer by  Anonymous

A tattoo artist creates permanent artwork on the canvas on the blank canvas called the human body.


Answer by  Nathan (22)

A tattoo artist is someone who can produce amazing art under pressure. Unlike a painter a tattooist has to get it right first time whilst working on many different types of skin and often needing to use one hand to restrain the 'subject' from moving about and causing a mistake.


Answer by  Anonymous

A tattoo artist using ink displays art on your body permanently.


Answer by  Anonymous

A tattoo artist is someone who has a flair for design or creativity, a steady hand, a love for alternative culture, has an empathetic nature and an ability to turn client’s ideas into reality.

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