Question by  MaryL (117)

Is softsoap good for a tattoo?

I want to make sure I do not hurt my tattoo, I have been using softsoap.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

Softsoap is okay to use on a tattoo. Once it has been over seven days it is okay to wash with any soap on the tattoo area. The only thing is that you can not wash it for seven days after you get the tattoo.

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You should always be washing your tattoo to prevent infection. If you were told not to wash it for seven days, you are a moron.  add a comment

Answer by  XYZ77 (128)

No not all soap is good for tattoo. You can use some soap which is antibacterial. Use Dove or any soft soap which contains Vitamin e cream. You can ask your dermatologist.


Answer by  SurR (103)

Softsoap is antibacterial and while that is good for a soap, it might still be too harsh to use on your tattoo. If your tattoo is in the healing stages, all you need is a soap that basically has nothing in it but it's cleansing properties.


Answer by  QueedlyMcShane (205)

There are better choices out there. Read labels, and go with products with the fewest ingredients. Softsoap contains mineral oil, a petroleum product, and sodium laureth sulfate, a harsh cleaner that's used to clean grease off engines! It's a grease stripper – avoid it. Consider Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap. No colors, no harsh cleaners.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

softsoap is fine to use on your tattoo, but if this tattoo is newly acquired you want to be especially careful to not scrub with a cloth and the soap. You should allow the tattoo to peel on its own. Most any soap can be used but you may find it more comfortable to use a moisturizing soap.


Answer by  Puppyluv (173)

Any mild antibacterial or antimicrobial soap and warm water are just fine, in fact the cheapy ones from the dollar stores work great, just make sure to use your hands to clean the area. You don't want to use anything abrasive, like a wash cloth, while it is healing.


Answer by  Anonymous

@amber33 you wash the tattoo 4 hours after you get do NOT wait seven days?

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