Question by  Paul99 (47)

What is a chop block in college football?

I would like to learn more about chop blocks in college football.


Answer by  George62 (15)

This occurs when a player who is currently being blocked by another player above the knees is blocked or "chopped" below the knees at the same time. This is an illegal play because the player being blocked cannot move and this can cause serious knee or leg injury.


Answer by  john15 (6)

Actually, a chop block or cut block is legal. However, if you have another player blocking the upper part of the players body at the same time, it becomes an illegal chop block and is penalized.


Answer by  idavid (385)

A chop block in college football is when a player blocks or hits his opponent below his knees. It is illegal, because it can lead to severe injuries, including sprains and breaks. While defensive players can be called for committing this penalty, it is most frequently associated with offensive lineman.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

A chop block is an illegal block done when a player goes for a block aimed at the opponents knees, when he is already engaged with another player.


Answer by  John (9008)

A chop block is when an offensive player basically dives at the knees of a defender. It is illegal if another player is also blocking him.


Answer by  mcsorrells (1)

A Cut Block is blocking a player at the knees and is legal. If you watch closely, you find that every team will use Cut Blocks to some degree. A cut block committed against a player who is already engaged with another player is a Chop Block and is illegal.

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